Cancel Subscription Button for ASP.NET MVC

This chapter explains the usage and facts about Cancel Subscription Button for ASP.NET MVC. If you want to learn about the Web Form Control, please visit this page. If you have placed a Subscription Button in your web site, you may also want to place a "Cancel Subscription" Button which will take your customers to the PayPal Unsubscribe page for previous subscriptions. "Cancel Subscription" button will not directly cancel a subscription, rather clicking this button will take your customer to PayPal website. Your customer will require to log into PayPal. After successful login, your customer will be taken to un-subscription page where all recurring payment profiles will be shown filtered by your Business Email Address. In order to render a "Cancel Subscription" Button in your view page, import the namespace "SpiceLogic.PayPalCtrlForWPS.Controls", create an instance of the component 'CancelSubscriptionButton', set the properties and finally call the method RenderForMVC(). . cancel Subscription

Merchant ID is an alternative to using your Email address. It is better not to expose your business email address in order to protect your Email In-box from Spams. You can get your Merchant ID from your PayPal account's Profile section.

    Last updated on Nov 1, 2014