Rich PayPal integration library for your ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms Websites. (.NET Framework)

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Integrate PayPal Website Payments Standard with few lines of code.

A sneak peek at a typical object composition in ASP.NET MVC (.NET Framework)

Everything you could do with PayPal Website Payments Standard can be done easily with this control. Learn More

Enhanced Design time Smart Tag Graphical User Interface Wizard for Web Forms.

SpiceLogic ASP.NET PayPal Control is highly optimized and enhanced for the Web Forms project. So, when you are using Web Form, embrace the rich Graphical User Interface Wizard page configuration. Learn More
ASP.NET Web Form Design Time

Encrypted Website Payments Button Generation On the Fly.

Generating PayPal Encrypted Website Payments button programmatically on the fly had never been easier before. Using this Control/Component, Encrypted Website Payments buttons can be generated on the fly either from design-time GUI or programmatically by providing the Certificate Parameters. Learn More
Encrypted Website Payments

Certificate generation is just built-in.

If you do not have PKCS12 and PEM certificates, Guess What!!! The design-time GUI will generate those certificates for you. You just need to stick to this control. The following shot shows the usage in Web Form, but our online documentation shows details about using in ASP.NET MVC Framework as well. Learn More
Certificate Generation

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Payment Data Transfer (PDT)

For the Web Form context, IPN & PDT are considered as if those are the very control's server-side events. IPN & PDT variables are available as the properties of the Event Argument Object. Thus, a developer can design a single page for the complete e-Commerce logic by using a PayPal Button in a web form and attach event handler methods for IPN/PDT events. Although you can use different pages dedicated to IPN/PDT; this control comes with dedicated IPN/PDT handlers as well. It is also easy to handle IPN/PDT in the ASP.NET MVC Context. You can simply provide the Controller/Action URL for IPN and PayPal Return properties, and the component will do the rest.
IPN and PDT Events

State Management

A special Collection type property named AdditionalDataItems is implemented to let you track additional metadata about a transaction. It is the State Management solution both for ASP.NET Web Form and ASP.NET MVC Context. You can store as much data as you want into the AdditionalDataItems property, and you will be able to access this property value in the IPN handler or PDT handler. You can also store sensitive data to this property as this property value is stored in a temporary folder in your server and never sent to the client's browser. Learn More
State Management


Currently, the software is provided AS-IS basis. We are not releasing any new version of this component.

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