Introduction to the Bayesian Tools

In Rational Will, there are two tools available for Bayesian Analysis. One is "Bayesian Network" and another is "Diachronic Interpretation", or in simple words, we call it just "Bayesian Inference".

Bayesian Network is a visual diagram-based tool where you can create various nodes representing random variables and connect them based on their probabilistic dependencies. And in the regular Bayesian Inference tool, you can define a set of hypotheses. Then you can systematically add various experiments and observations, and then you can set the likelihood of those observations one by one. Finally, the beliefs of those hypotheses are calculated. So, this Bayesian Inference tool lets you collect evidence one by one and let you update your beliefs as the evidence arrives. 

Here is a screenshot of a typical Bayesian Network model.

And here is a screenshot of a typical Bayesian Inference model.

To learn more about these tools, click the corresponding links from the following list.

Last updated on Feb 23, 2022