How to localize

Unfortunately, we do not offer any satellite Assembly based solution for Localization due to huge maintenance problems, but every single piece of text in this control is changeable and you change all the texts to any language you want.

Toolbar Item Tool-tips:

You can simply set the tool tip properties for the toolbar items as shown here.


For Dialogs, you can completely change the dialog's, we have offered all source code, and you wont need to start from scratch, you can simply hook up your custom dialogs as shown in the following documentation.

Context Menu:

If you want to change the Context Menu texts, you can use your custom context menu too. We have provided the source code for the factory context menu and sample project for using Custom Context menu. Please check this documentation.

Spell Checker Context Menu:

If you want to change the context menu text for Spell Checkers, you can do that too. The texts for Spell Checkers are changeable from Spellchecker Options property.

Last updated on May 29, 2015