A Ready-to-use, stunning graphics, optimized for MVVM, WYSIWYG/HTML Editor control for WPF Applications.

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Impress your customers with a shiny embedded editor.

Modern Interface and great User experience.

WPF HTML Editor Control provides a modern interface HTML editor for your project that is simple for your users while providing a robust, industry-leading API. And all for an affordable, one-time investment.

Our editor's user interface was designed from scratch by professional graphic designers to be modern, clean, and crisp looking with intuitive buttons, icons, and controls. Users can quickly switch between WYSIWYG, HTML Source, and Preview modes.

WPF HTML Editor Control

Sharper, Smoother Graphics.

All of our Toolbar buttons and other graphics are vector images (XAML Paths) that scale for any size screen and still look sharp. Perfect for both desktop, laptop, and even large displays (like 4K monitors).
sharp graphics

Clean XHTML.

Unlike most of our competitors who provide only rich text or poorly formatted HTML, our tool provides clean HTML and XHTML with NO conversions needed. Imagine your customers being able to create great email letters or publishing instantly to the exact area of a website without revision.
clean XHTML

Super Spell Checker.

No elaborate coding is needed to offer a comprehensive spell-checker to your users. The built-in dialog based and inline spell checker supports NHunspell / Open Office and NetSpell dictionaries. US English dictionary is embedded in both NHunspell and NetSpell dictionaries. There’s no need to set a dictionary file path for US English Language.
Spell Checker

Graphic/Media Ready.

Our editor makes it easy for users to add images and video from their computer or online sources like YouTube.
YouTube and image

Insert an image from a file, internet or Paste from Clipboard.

You can insert an image from a local computer or internet, or simply paste it from your clipboard. The pasted image can be converted to Basee64 automatically, or saved in a base folder.
Image Dialog

Solve Microsoft Word® Pasting Annoyances.

Microsoft Word is the most commonly used writing software on the planet but it creates dismal HTML code that totally messes up text and formatting when people copy and paste from Word to HTML. So we specifically made sure that our software provides an automatic clean conversion to HTML when pasting from Word. So goodbye to messy Microsoft Word tags.
paste from MS Word

Sample projects to jump start.

No time for learning, right? Try our trial version today. Lots of sample projects available with the downloaded package, both in C# and VB.NET.
sample projects

Power to the Programmer!

  • We offer dialog and context menu customization with source code. We offer the source code of all the dialogs even without the source code license.
  • You can instantly replace the whole theme by editing a single resource dictionary.
  • A single method call for local image uploads to an FTP server which simultaneously updates the image source references according to the uploaded remote URL.
  • A method for converting all local images as Base64 and update the HTML Document accordingly.
  • A Pasting event fires before pasting any content from the clipboard, it's event argument object can also be utilized to manipulate the pasting content.
  • The HTML change event fires as soon as the content is changed.
  • Useful API for content manipulation such as caret position getter/setter for accurate programming and increased productivity.
  • Single Line Break or Paragraph as Enter key response - is now your choice.
programming api

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