Drag and Drop Ready-to-Use, slick and featured WYSIWYG / HTML Editor for Windows Forms Applications.

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Embed a miniature advanced editor into your Windows Forms app.

Meet the Graphical User Interface

Our C# & VB.Net WinForms HTML editor control is powered enough for sophisticated programmers but basic enough for the novice programmer. It gives you the power to choose how you want to build compelling and captivating desktop applications with Windows Forms.
WinForms html editor control

Built-in Spell Checker that takes Open Office Dictionaries.

No elaborate coding is needed to offer a comprehensive spell-checker to your users. The built-in dialog based and inline spell checker supports NHunspell / Open Office and NetSpell dictionaries. US English dictionary is embedded for both NHunspell and NetSpell dictionaries. There’s no need to set a dictionary file path for US English Language.
inline spell checker

Fully customizable toolbar

Do you want to replace a button in the toolbar? Hide some of them? Or add more custom buttons? Or totally get rid of the toolbars and use your own? Everything is possible. Learn More
custom toolbar item

Switch between WYSIWYG and HTML Source Editing Modes.

Quickly switch between three easy-to-use modes: WYSIWYG editing mode, HTML Source Editing mode, and Preview mode. The selected content in one mode is also selected in another mode when you switch between WYSIWYG and HTML Source Edit mode. Preview Mode releases you from guesswork as to how the end content will look in a web browser. When you switch from WYSIWYG mode to Raw HTML Source mode, the selected HTML in WYSIWYG mode also gets selected in HTML Source Mode. The same logic works in opposite direction.
Editor modes

Style builder for both design time and run time.

GUI CSS Builder is available both in design mode and runtime. External CSS Files can be used by simply setting a property.
style byulder

Insert images from any source, even from Clipboard as Base64.

You can define a base URL folder so that you can use relative URLs for your images. Paste the image from your clipboard, which can be converted to an embedded Base64 image as well.
image dialog

Paste from MS Word.

Pasting content from MS Word was never easier. This control can efficiently paste the content from the clipboard which was copied from MS Word by keeping the almost same look and feel of MS word; The pasted content is converted to good-looking XHTML. No dirtier MS Word related tags.
Paste from MS Word

Customize all the dialogs and context menu using the provided source code.

Yes, no matter if you purchase the Source Code license or not, we provide the source code of all Dialogs and Context menu along with a sample solution demonstrating how to override the dialogs/context menu and hook up your own custom dialog/context menu. Learn More
dialog source code

Table manipulation

A lot of useful operations can be performed in a table just from the context menu.
table manipulation

Pasting Event gives you the ultimate control over what will be pasted.

An event is fired just before some content from the clipboard is being pasted to the Editor. The event argument object contains some useful members and lets you override the HTML that will be pasted.
Pasting Event

Some other features that might interest you.

  • An HTML-Changed event fires as soon as the HTML is changed, similar to the Text-changed property of a Textbox Control.
  • A single method call uploads all local images to an FTP server which simultaneously updates the image source references according to the uploaded remote URL.
  • A method for converting all local images as Base64 and update the HTML Document accordingly.
  • The HTML change event fires as soon as the content is changed.
  • Useful API for content manipulation such as caret position getter/setter for accurate programming and increased productivity.
  • Single Line Break or Paragraph as Enter key response - is now your choice.
programming api

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