Using Custom Dictionary to Hook up 3rd party Spell Checker Engine

If you are not satisified with the built in NetSpell or NHunspell Spell checker engine and if you want to hook up any 3rd party Spell checker engine, then you can do that too. The editor offers an interface named ISpellCheckerEngine. You can simply implement this interface using your 3rd party Spell checker engine. After that, you need to set the property SpellCheckOptions.CustomSpellCheckerEngine = an instance of the implementation of ISpellCheckerEngine. Also, you need to set the SpellChecker property = Custom within Spell Checker Option.




These are the 3 steps you need to follow in order to hook up the 3rd party Spell checker Engine. You will find a working sample of a demo implementation of ISpellCheckerEngine in the download package's Sample Projects folder. Please check that sample project to fully understand how you can implement the interface.


Last updated on Dec 7, 2014