Version 2.0

Released on May 26, 2020, Total 1 bug is resolved. Also, 6 features have been implemented.
Implemented Features
  • Various User Interface tweaks and improvements.
  • Disqualified utility value shows in Red color, satisficing utility value shows in green color.
  • Added "Edit" option in the context menu of the Options list so that, in addition to double-clicking, the user can find the Edit option from the context menu as well.
  • Some more settings available in the Settings window, like Check for update automatically, showing confirmation before delete every time,
  • In the confirmation window that shows up before deleting anything, a checkbox will be there saying "Do not ask again".
  • The user can drag and rearrange an option from the option list.
Resolved Bugs
  • The application could crash if a dialog box was shown without any caption.