Fast, Easy, and Beautiful AHP Software for Windows Desktop

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This tool is for you if you DO NOT LIKE a boring and obscure software for making a decision.

A featured and intuitive User Experience.

Professionals need a straightforward user experience they can rely on when they need it. And that is exactly what the SpiceLogic AHP Software is. Decision analysis can be an addictive activity when you meet the SpiceLogic AHP software.
AHP tools wizard

No time for learning a new software, right? We have covered you.

You can simply answer questions and proceed, and finally, you will get your model created. The user experience is intuitive enough so that you don’t need to learn. You can intuitively guess the correct way to achieve what you want to model.
ahp software

View the Pairwise Comparison Matrix and Verify the numbers.

The AHP software reveals everything happening behind the scene. View and edit the Matrix and make sure the result is consistent and expected according to your hand calculation.
AHP pairwise comparison matrix

Hints Everywhere.

We made this software fun to use by providing visual hints. Notice how the consistency ratio concept is explained.
ahp consistency ratio

Save time by the reduced number of pairwise comparisons.

When you have an "N" number of items to perform pairwise comparisons, the total number of comparisons will be ½ * N * (N -1). Think about it, when you have a number of objectives (or criterion) is 10, you will need to perform 20 comparisons. That can take a very long time because you need to do the comparison very carefully in the cool brain. By enforcing the transitivity rule, you can reduce the total number of comparisons to just (N - 1). That means, for 10 objectives/criteria, your total comparisons will be 9. That must be a wow quality time saver. Yes, SpiceLogic AHP Software lets you enforce the transitivity rule to save your time and at the same time, enforce consistency in your judgments.
enforce transitivity rule

Result and Charts.

View charts representing various perspectives of the Analytic Hierarchy Process model.
charts window

Choose the calculation method you like.

You are not forced to use a calculation method chosen by us. You can choose either EigenVector, Geometric Mean, Fuzzy Geometric mean for calculating Weights. Once the Criteria weight is calculated, you can further select the Option priority calculation strategy like "Weighted Sum" or "Weighted Product".
ahp multi criteria decision making methods

Instant result gives you a quick idea about the sensitivity.

SpiceLogic AHP Software treats sensitivity analysis as a first-class feature. Every slider you change, the result is calculated and the charts are updated instantly. So, you can get an idea about which change in your input is affecting a decision to what degree.

Criteria Sensitivity Analysis.

The weighted criteria attribute chart shows which criterion is affecting the decision to what degree. Notice the following chart and see that Cost is the main reason for selecting "car 1" to be the recommended choice. You can enable or disable a criterion just by clicking on the legend of the chart and then see, once you disable a criterion, how the resulting decision changes.
Weighted chart attributes

One way sensitivity analysis

Get an in-depth view of the sensitivity analysis performed for a selected variable.
One way sensitivity analysis

Get Report in PDF and Excel.

Finally, get a stunning report in PDF or Excel.
report in PDF and excel

You can work 100% offline.

This is a windows desktop software and it does not need an internet connection to work. Yes, it uses an internet connection for checking updates and reporting errors but if you do not have an internet connection, the software will work smoothly without any problem.

Looks great on any screen size and resolution (supports 4K monitors).

You may have a 4K computer monitor or a large TV. No matter what screen size or resolution you use, this software will scale up or down consistently and give you the best user interface. All icons are vector graphics, which means, awesome.

Natively built for Windows Operating System.

Okay, many of you may not care about the underlying technologies behind a software, but in case you cared, you will be delighted to know that this software is natively built for Windows using WPF. What does that mean for you as a user? It means that unlike a cross-platform technology like Electron or Java, a native technology will give you the fastest and most possibly polished user interface experience. It will consume less memory. Thus, this AHP tool can totally change your mood for work positively. We are not saying cross-platform technologies are bad. But, native technology is always privileged to be comparatively faster and play nicer if the same amount of development effort is applied in both native and cross-platform software.

We offer perpetual license, no monthly subscription needed.

Yes, unlike many other vendors, we offer perpetual licenses, so you do not need to worry about getting your software expired after a certain period if you do not pay and renew. We do offer a voluntary maintenance subscription which will let you get new versions in the future, but the version you purchase will be valid forever as long as your Operating System supports it.

Finally, you do not need to register or provide your email address to download.

Well, yes, it is a feature. Why? nowadays, almost any software you get to download, the vendor asks you to register, provide your name, email address, etc, and then they send a link or additional promo to your email address. We simply do not do that. Just hit the Download button to get your trial copy now and it is that simple. If you like after the evaluation period, you can register just with your name and email address for purchasing a license.