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Robust ease of use user experience for professionals

Professionals need a straightforward user experience they can rely on when they need it. And that is exactly what the SpiceLogic AHP Software is. It is a modern intuitive wizard-based software that captures your objectives and preferences step by step from a wizard. Decision analysis can be an addictive activity when you meet the SpiceLogic AHP software. The user experience is intuitive enough so that you don’t need to learn. You can intuitively guess the correct way to achieve what you want to model.
AHP tools wizard

Motivating Native Modern User Interface

The user interface is a key factor when modeling an Analytic Hierarchy Process. The SpiceLogic AHP software user interface is made natively for Windows OS, therefore, you will find it shiny, responsive, polished, and comfortable to use all the time.
ahp software

Get a feedback about your judgement using the Consistency Ratio metric.

The consistency ratio is an important metric in the Analytic Hierarchy Process. That number tells you how consistent you are in your pairwise comparisons. The SpiceLogic AHP software shows the Consistency Ratio right beside the Pair comparison panel. According to Thomas L. Saaty, the consistency ratio should be less or equal to 10%. If your Consistency ratio goes over 10%, the software will indicate that using a Red bold color, as you can see on this screen.
Consistency Ratio

Save time by the reduced number of pairwise comparisons.

When you have an "N" number of items to perform pairwise comparisons, the total number of comparisons will be ½ * N * (N -1). Think about it, when you have a number of objectives (or criterion) is 10, you will need to perform 20 comparisons. That can take a very long time because you need to do the comparison very carefully in the cool brain. By enforcing the transitivity rule, you can reduce the total number of comparisons to just (N - 1). That means, for 10 objectives/criteria, your total comparisons will be 9. That must be a wow quality time saver. Yes, SpiceLogic AHP Software lets you enforce the transitivity rule to save your time and at the same time, enforce consistency in your judgments.
enforce transitivity rule

Result and Charts

View charts representing various perspectives of the Analytic Hierarchy Process model.
charts window

Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity analysis is a crucial part of any decision analysis process. Without a proper sensitivity analysis, no decision can be said to be a robust decision. SpiceLogic AHP software lits all the variables based on the degree of sensitivity in the sensitivity panel.
sensitivity analysis

Get an in-depth view of the sensitivity analysis performed for a selected variable.
one way sensitivity analysis

Current Limitations

As of the current version, there are a couple of limitations of this AHP Software. First, it does not allow you to model sub-criteria. You can model only one level of criteria. The second limitation is that it does not support multiple decision makers (a.k.a Group Decision Making). You can use this software where there is only one decision-maker.

But, we are currently working on bringing these features for our next version. We are working hard to add features for Supporting Sub-criteria, Group decisions, enhanced diagram views, etc. Please stay tuned.

A Part of our Rational Will software

This Analytic Hierarchy Process Software (a.k.a. the ahp software) is also available in our composite (bundled) product Rational Will®, where you get a streamlined user experience of many decision modeling tools. Therefore, if you get Rational WIll, you won't need to acquire this software separately.

Supported Operating Systems

This software is made for Windows machines. Any windows operating system that has Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher, you can install this software. If you are a Mac user, you can still use this software on your Mac OS using software like Parallels Desktop.

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