SpiceLogic Consulting Services

We provide consulting services in the following areas: customization of our package software products based on end-user needs, custom application development, system architecture refactoring, and embedded systems development. We have technical expertise in the Microsoft .NET framework, Android, Intel 8051 family microcontrollers, Arduino, Netduino, and Raspberry Pi.

Customizing Our Existing Products

For any of our software packages that provide a starting-point solution, we can customize most of the features for each of the applications into an exact fit.

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Custom Business Application Development

We specialize in industry-standard software architecture development, domain-drive design, and custom application implementation.

Application / Architecture Refactoring

Our expertise also includes refactoring existing business applications and hardware platforms into robust enterprise-class systems. We implement best-in-class architecture/pattern design paradigms and tool sets (including GRASP/ GOF Design patterns, SOLID Object Oriented Programming Principles, etc.).

Embedded Systems Development

Our embedded system technical expertise extends to Intel 8051-family microcontrollers, Arduino, Netduino, and Raspberry Pi-based Embedded Systems. We model architectures, develop prototypes, create SPICE simulation files, and deliver complete implementations up to PCB level.

Our project delivery approach includes full life-cycle services:

  • Project concept development and deliverable definition.
  • Analysis, requirements gathering, and scoping.
  • Application and system design / prototyping.
  • Application, system, and architecture implementation.
  • On-going technical and project implementation support.