Version 6.2

Released on Sep 15, 2015, Lots of Bugs fixed.
Resolved Bugs
  • the editor had 'Copy' button enabled even when no text selected.
  • 'ApplyList' function used wrong line (next line instead of current line) when cursor was at the start of line
  • the editor could freeze for about 10-30 seconds if html had missing images
  • 'Paste from Word' feature did not decode utf8 in the editor for .NET 4.0
  • 'ApplyList' feature did not keep line breaks between rows, if not whole HTML body was selected
  • changing of list type gave unexpected symbol '~', if changing was called for two adjacent lists.
  • charset was not updated immediately, that happened only after all instructions
  • The editor added empty list items before and after, if ApplyList feature was called for blockquote
  • Selecting Heading Type from Heading drop-down does not take effect
  • Header type could not be changed to 'No Heading', if cursor was on empty next line after the header
  • 'ApplyList' function did not work for content inside tables