Released on Feb 10, 2013, A lots bugs fixed, some new features added.
Implemented Features
  • A new method added for setting up Printing Margin (Print Page Setup) named PrintPageSetup(...)
  • Inline Spell Checker Context Menu Texts are now changeable so that it can be easy to localize.
  • No need to call AttachHtmlElementClickedEvent() and AttachHtmlElementMouseDownEvent() methods anymore for binding the events. The binding is now automatic.
  • Now, if the active html element is a Header Title (h1, h2 etc), then the Header Title Insert Combo box will preselect the appropriate index.
  • Enhanced Table API with more methods like, InsertRow(Before/After), InsertColumn(Before/After), MergeSelectedCells(). Now, the Context menu contains more menu items for these new features (i.e. Merge Cells, ...etc)
Resolved Bugs
  • Bullet and Numbered List leaves an unexpected character when EnterKeyResponse = Paragraph.
  • When closing the Form, error occurs : "COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used."
  • Spell Checker got a bug for some special scenario.
  • Wrong functioning Title Insert : H1 inTitleInsert actually seems to be "default", H2 seems to be H1 etc.
  • Control + A does not select All in the HTML Source mode.
  • When user pastes some lengthy html and go to preview mode, the preview mode, all contents get disappeared.
  • Sometimes, if the editor contains lengthy html, and the user switch from preview mode to WYSISYG mode, the editor stops firing all events like HtmlChanged event, SelectionChanged event, etc.
  • When copy paste content from Word document, the character ' (single quote) does not appear correctly in the editor.
  • Exception throw when paste from WORD -> Index and length must refer to a location within the string.
  • Refresh method is not working
  • Refresh method is not working
  • TabKey does not properly insert space if there is an image in the editor.
  • Redo() method has bug.
  • YouTube Video or any IFrame does not show up in Preview Mode if 'DocumentHtml' mode is used instead of 'BodyHtml'.
  • If BaseURL is set, then, images are not shown up in Preview Mode.
  • If the Editor is in Preview Mode and DocumentHtml is set, if the DocumentHtml contains YouTubeVideo or any IFrame, that IFrame does not show up in the Preview Mode.
  • If a new DocumentHtml is loaded, then, the BaseUrl value and Charset value are lost.
  • Updating BaseUrl while in Preview Mode does not work correctly.
  • Edit HTML Source TextBox cannot take Html String more than 32767 chars.
  • Manual Spell check dialog will only replace the misspelled word with the top suggestion
  • The Spell Checker's 'Spell Check Complete' dialog sometimes go to the background.
  • Spelling mistake in In SpellCheckOptions.WaitAlertMessage "misspelled" as "messpelled".
  • Pasting from MS word does not show images for some MS Word Documents
  • If Inline Spell checker is running (not completed) and if the Form is closed, an error is thrown related to RCW.
  • Changing the font on a blank document inserts an unprintable character.
  • Ampersands in HREF links are getting changed to &_amp;
  • Footer toolbar's tag selection does not get cleared after switching HTML view mode.
  • 'Find next' button on Search dialog does not work
  • Hyperlink dialog Target option does not behave properly.
  • Inline spell checker issue: if a misspelled word is attempted to fix by manual typing, the red underline formatting which was used to mark the word as misspelled, still stays formatted as red-underline.
  • When a selected text is aligned to Center or Right, sometimes a new additional lines get added.