Version 7.4

Released on Mar 17, 2018, Total 5 bugs are resolved. Also 2 features have been implemented. 1 public interface are changed.
Implemented Features
  • Allow a quick and easy way to paste an image from Clipboard as a Base64 string.
  • Using a Enum property, Paste image from Clipboard behavior can be defined as either Base64, or LocalBaseUrlFolder, or None.
Resolved Bugs
  • Image Dialog does not show the Source path if the Source Path is an Absolute Url and BaseUrl is also set for relative paths.
  • When Relative Path is used, the Image dialog does not check the Relative Path radio button for the selected image.
  • Context menu of the Preview mode should be removable/replaceable.
  • NHunspell Spell Checker could add 2 same words with the different case in the user dictionary.
  • When Relative Path is used, the Image dialog cannot recognize a subfolder within the baseurl folder.
Changed Interfaces
  • Removed the Options.DonotShowWarningDialogAboutImagePasting property. Rather, it is replaced by a new Enum type property named Options.PasteImageFromClipboardBehavior. Using that enum property, you can configure to store the pasting image (from clipboard) as Base64 or BaseUrl Folder (if defined). Or you can completely turn off Image pasting from clipboard by setting this property = None.