Released on Oct 5, 2009, Highly optimized for Windows Vista.
Implemented Features
  • Integrate a fully customizable Spell Checker that supports user defined dictionary (NetSpell)
  • Design Time GUI Collection editor support for factory toolstrip items.
  • All factory toolstrip items should be accessed programmatically to change their properties in the run time.
  • Two editing modes made available: WYSIWYG design mode, Raw Html source mode. You can switch the mode by clicking a toolbar button
  • Relative Url Support by implementing 'BaseUrl' property.
  • Search functionality added. Now a GUI Search dialog can be shown for searching within the editor, also the Search API is available so that user can implement his/her own Search GUI
  • Paste Intercepting Event required.
  • XHTML supported font tag generation required. No more old <font> tag.
  • Methods required for Getting/Setting Caret Positions.
  • Design time Context Menu adding feature required.
  • Support for Image Hyperlink
Resolved Bugs
  • There is a problem resizing image.