Model and analyze Markov Chain with rich Graphical Wizard.

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Freeware - no nags, no ads and fully-functional

Let's answer the first question that you might be asking. It is Freeware, so what is the catch? The catch is that it shows a very little small link at the top right corner of the app, clicking that link will show you our featured decision analysis product Rational Will®, as you can see in the screenshots. And that's it.

Highly intuitive wizard-based fun to use software

The Markov Chain Calculator software lets you model a simple time invariant Markov chain easily by asking questions in screens after screens. Therefore it becomes a pleasure to model and analyze a Markov Chain.
Markov Chain Calculator

Calculated Results in the Charts

Lots of useful charts are available to analyze the Markov chain. The charts can be popped out to a separate window to display all at the same time.

You really do not need a documentation for this tool.

A single window contains the right user experience to alter the Markov chain parameters. You can calculate the State probabilities after certain iterations directly from the chart available in the carousel.
change Markov Chain parameters

Custom State Expression with a Rich Math Editor

It won't be fun if you cannot forecast a composite or custom state. Yes, a rich math-based expression editor is available where you can drag and drop a state into the expression editor and use a lot of built-in math functions. The chart tab will show the chart for your custom expression.
Custom Expression

Auto generated Markov Decision Graph

A Markov Decision Graph will be generated automatically for you, based on the input you provide. Isn't that cool?
Markov Decision Graph

A Part of our Rational Will software

This Markov Chain Calculator software is also available in our composite (bundled) product Rational Will®, where you get a streamlined user experience of many decision modeling tools (i.e. Markov Decision Process, Decision Tree, Analytic Hierarchy Process, etc.) Therefore, if you get Rational WIll, you won't need to acquire this software separately.