Version 3.0

Released on Aug 31, 2021, Total 2 bugs fixed., Total 7 features implemented.
Implemented Features
  • Now, UNLIMITED level of SUB-CRITERIA can be modeled for each Criteria.
  • A graphical tree is displayed for Goal, Criteria and Sub-Criteria
  • The pairwise comparison User interface ticks into only numbers from 1 to 9, which makes the calculation more accurate.
  • A new MATRIX view is available so that the user can see the entire matrix table of pairwise comparison, and interacts with the matrix.
  • The user can enter the numbers for a pairwise comparison directly without using the weight slider.
  • A detail report in the recommendation panel is shown when no decision can be made.
  • Updated the Reporting feature with the new SUB-CRITERIA and MATRIX view of all pairwise comparisons.
Resolved Bugs
  • [CRASH - System.NullReferenceException from DecisionMatrixAnalysis.AppComponent] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • [CRASH - System.InvalidOperationException from System.Core] Sequence contains no matching element