Version 1.9.1

Released on Mar 2, 2020, Total 2 bugs are resolved. Also, 1 feature has been implemented. Please uninstall the older version from your control panel before installing the new version. This new version uses a different type of installer, which cannot automatically uninstall the older version.
Implemented Features
  • A new button "Add more objectives" is available in the Objectives summary page in the objective creation wizard. Say, the user just completed entering all the objectives and entered to the pairwise comparison, and realized that a new objective needs to be added. Now, with that button, it will be easy to do so.
Resolved Bugs
  • Added multi-language support for various languages like German (Deutsche), Korean (???), Spanish (Español), French (Française), Italian (Italiana), Japanese (???), Norwegian (norsk), Dutch (Nederlands), Polish (Polski)
  • When an invalid path is used for saving or opening a file, the application may crash.