Model and Analyze Markov Chain and Markov Decision Process.

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Model Markov Decision Process with the modern and intuitive wizard

Markov Decision Process from SpiceLogic offers a very rich modeling application. It starts with a wizard that captures all the necessary information from you to create the model.
Markov Decision Process Transition Probabilities

Visualize the Markov Model with a Decision Tree

A very comprehensive decision tree is presented which can be built using the Step by Step Wizard or directly interacting with the Decision Tree diagram.
Markov Decision Graph

Especially Made for Cost Effectiveness Analysis (healthcare)

Use can use QALY or DALY to define the reward of a Markov state or a Markov action and calculate the expected Effectiveness, expected cost, expected net monetary benefit, etc.
cost effectiveness analysis

Use the custom expression in a Markov Chain to predict a custom state

You can even use custom expressions using the state names to predict a custom state of your Markov chain.
Custom Expression for Markov Chain

A plethora of charts on Markov Chain and Markov Decision Process

A lot of charts are available for you to get various perspectives on the Markov decision process.

A Part of our Rational Will software

This Markov Decision Process Software is also available in our composite (bundled) product Rational Will®, where you get a streamlined user experience of many decision modeling tools. Therefore, if you get Rational WIll, you won't need to acquire this software separately.