Markov Chain Calculator

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Model and analyze Markov Chain with rich Graphical Wizard.

Video Demonstration for Markov Chain Calculator

100% Wizard based solution; just Click Click Click and be prepared to be amazed.

The Markov Chain Calculator software lets you model a Markov chain easily by asking questions in screens after screens. Therefore it becomes a pleasure to model and analyze a Markov Chain.


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Change parameters of a Markov chain

A single window contains all intuitive user experience to alter the Markov chain parameters. You can calculate the State probabilities after certain iterations directly from the chart available in the carousel.


Calculated Results in the Charts

Lots of useful charts are available to analyze the Markov chain. The charts can be popped out to a separate window to display all at the same time.


Graph view

Finally, the decision graph view is generated for the Markov Chain.


Supported Environments

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8-8.1, Windows 10

Microsoft .NET Framework

4.5 or later