Version History

 Release Date
Release Type
14 April 20164.0.0.1Major UpdateIt is a Major Upgrade. This version is built on .NET 4.5 according to the new instructions from PayPal. Based on this instruction, to avoid any disruption of service, you must verify that your systems are ready for this change by June 17, 2016. This version uses TLS 1.2 which requies .NET 4.5. You should upgrade to this DLL in order to avoid any disruption of services. We tried our best not to retarget our control on .NET 4.5, rather we searched possibilities to use TLS 1.2 using earlier versions of .NET like 3.5, but looks like it is not possible. Here is another MSDN social link which confirms this impossibility.
Upgrade Instruction
No API is changed, you just need to upgrade your Web Application / Web Site project to Target .NET 4.5 or higher.
5 August 20153.8.3.2Minor UpdateMinor bug fix
29 March 20153.8.3.0Minor UpdateA bug has been fixed.
14 September 20143.8.2.0Minor UpdateA simple minor feature added.
18 June 20143.8.0.0Minor UpdateAdded some features and optimized for performance.
8 February 20143.7.0.10Minor UpdateThis version is a bug fix minor update.
1 December 20133.7.0.6Minor UpdateThis version solved some minor bugs, but the specialty of this version is, it is built in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, on Windows 8,1. Therefore, if you had any doubt about the compatibility of this product with the latest version of Visual Studio, then that doubt is dismissed.
12 June 20133.7.0.1Minor UpdateSolved many bugs and separated the Trial version from Licensed version, so no more dependency on Web.config file for License Key.
23 May 20113.6.0.6Minor UpdateIt is a Minor Update
25 April 20113.6.0.5Minor UpdateAdded few static helper dictionaries for converting PayPalCurrency enum to Currency Code String and Currency Code String to PayPal Currency. Check the namespace, SpiceLogic.PayPalCtrlForWPS.Services.Dictionaries
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