Dive into the 8051 Microcontroller's program memory and see how your compiled program hex code resides; - byte by byte.

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Visualize your Machine Code

Disassemble and sneak pick into your Intel 8-bit microcontroller Hex Code.

8051 Disassembler / Decompiler is a Windows application that can take your 8051 Microcontroller Program Binary in HEX format. Then it can parse and give you a complete picture of how the program resides in the Program memory byte by byte. It gives you Assembly Code with tooltip and visual annotation like which code is going to the Special Function Register, which one is the interrupt vector etc, and lots of rich information. By looking into the decompiled rich annotations, you will get the intuition about the compiled hex code.
decompiled assembly code

Quick Reference at your fingertip.

Not only the tooltip and graphical annotation, anytime you want to know details about a decompiled/disassembled instruction, simply click the Info button, and the Assembly language reference window will pop up and take you to the referenced assembly code.

A Visual Learning Tool

8051 Disassembler is not just a decompiler or disassembler. Rather it is designed mainly to aid learning the 8051 Instruction Set and Assembly language. Therefore, you will find lots of annotations and tooltips here and there to get more information about the data. You will also learn about Interrupt vectors, Special function registers, etc simply by placing your mouse over a decompiled instruction code. The special color coding will also help you to learn things intuitively.
annotated view


This software is limited to only '16 bit address' data records. Therefore, it should not be used for decoding hex code that contains Extended Segment Address Record or Extended Linear Address Record.

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