Visual Coded Task Runner is a GUI Application for running deployment tasks where the tasks are written in C# or VB.NET.

A task can be written by overriding an ExecuteAsync method from a base class as follows:


After that, a Task List needs to be created by overriding a method that returns the list of Coded Tasks.

List of  Automated  Tasks

Once this part is done and invoked the GUI Task Runner application, the Application loads all the tasks as follows:

Main  Screen when  Loaded

There are 2 ways. You can directly invoke it from Visual Studio by Hitting the START button when you have a separate Task Container Class Library Project set as Start Up Application. Also, you can compile the Task Container class library project as a DLL and load that dll directly to the Visual Coded Task Runner.

Start from  Visual  Studio

This framework supports Debugging task code directly from the Visual Studio. If you want to step through your code from a break point, you need to Start the Runner in Debug Mode.

Debugging from  Visual  Studio

Running  All  Tasks

Completed task result

Exception  View

Log  Viewer

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