Attended Task

Yes, Attended Task. That means, when you click the button 'Run All Tasks', you may want the automatic task runner to Not to run a task unattended. For example, some task can make sense only when some one is attending a task. So, in that case, you can mark a task as Attended Task by placing an Attribute on your Coded Task. You will find the AttendedTask attribute class witihin SpiceLogic.CodedTaskRunner.ClientAttributes namespace. So, you will need to import that namespace by using statement.

using SpiceLogic.CodedTaskRunner.ClientAttributes;


If you are coding your task directly witihn the Task Index using SimpleActionTask class, then, you will find a Boolean parameter that indicates if the task is an Attended task or not.

Attended  Task  Parameter from  Simple  Action  Task

Once you decorated your coded task as Attended task, the Visual Coded Task Runner will show the task as shown in the following screenshot.

Attended  Task in  Gui

Now, if you click the 'Run All Tasks' button, after finishing the Task # 1 "Create Publish Directory", the automatic task runner will stop. You will have to run the task # 2 which is an attended task by the Run button shown beside the Task Line. Once you Run that task individually or mark this task as executed by clicking the Thumb Up button, you can click the 'Run All Tasks' button again to continue running the rest of the tasks in the list.

Last updated on 8 April 2018, Sunday, 9:25:03 PM