Manual Instruction Task

Okay, sometimes you may need to show simple instruction to the person who will be running the test. The instruction could be something like "Check if the internet connection is ON or not", or simply "Merge the branch from Development to Production". Or "Call David to find out if he checked his email"...... An instruction can be anything that you cannot automate. Moreover, whenever the "Run All Tasks" process is executing, the task running should Stop at the Manual Instruction so that the User's attention is Drawn. In order to achieve that goal, there is a special implementation of Coded Task named 'ManualInstructionTask'. You can include a Manual Instruction Task to the Task Index as follows:

Manual  Instruction  Code

After you code Manual Instruction like this, when you run the Visual Coded Task Runner, you will find your Manual Instruction as shown here:

Manual  Instruction in  Tool

A Manual Instruction task does not Run, rather, it can be marked as Executed. The Thumb Up button beside the Task is available to mark the Instruction as Followed.

Last updated on 26 December 2014, Friday, 5:00:28 PM