Update Status Message

By default, when a task is running, the status panel will show information running task as shown here:

regular status message

But if you have a long running task, it is better to show status update based on partial progress of the tasks. For example, if a task contains deleting some files and creating new files and then uploading the files to a server, you can show status message like this :

"Deleting existing files...."

"Creating new files..."

"Uploading to server...."

Or simply you can show progress percent of a running task like "34% completed."

The following snippet shows how you can update the status message from your Coded Task.


UpdateStatusMessage(..) method is defined in the base class CodedTaskBase. Once you call that method, you will find Status Update in the Visual Coded Task Runner Application as shown here :

Status  Update in  GUI

Last updated on 8 April 2018, Sunday, 9:22:21 PM