Getting started with Pros and Cons Analysis

Pros and Cons analysis can be a very handy tool when you need to do some very quick analysis. But, it is not a recommended tool. You should always try to perform objective-based modeling, using Getting Started. If you still want to perform Pros and Cons analysis, you can use the built-in Pros and Cons tool within the Rational Will.

Introduction to the application

In the Pros and Cons Analyzer of Rational Will, there are 3 ways to measure importance. Direct Importance number, where you can say that I have 10% interest, etc. You can use Money as a measure of Value. Or you can use pairwise comparisons. We have dedicated pages for each procedure. Please visit the dedicated documentation pages to learn more about these procedures.

1. Direct Importance Capture in the range of 1 to 9, using a Slider.
2. Money as a Measure of Value
3. Pairwise Comparison.

When you start the application, you can choose the measurement process on the start screen. Say, you have a dilemma about a job offer you received. Should you take it or wait for a better offer. Start the Pros and Cons analysis tool, and click the button "Add new Option" as shown in the following screenshot.

Start_ Screen

Once you click the "Add new Option" button, you will be presented with the following screen.


Edit the option name as "Should I take the job offer?" and hit Enter key.


Now in the Pros and Cons section enter the Pros and Cons as shown below.


Notice the right side result panel. The Column Chart shows how good or how bad a choice is. A Red color indicates not to do the action. Green color recommends the action.

Example solving dilemma: Should I take the Job offer?

You have received a job offer. You are in a dilemma if you should take the job or not. Because, you see some good things on the job, but also at the same time, you see some problems with the job too. Let's identify your pros and cons as shown below. You can Capture Uncertainty as explained.


Now, once these facts are modeled in the Pros Cons Analyzer app, the result panel shows the net worthiness of the option, which is shown as -5. As the value is less than 0, the column chart shows the column in RED color. Which means, 'Do not take the offer'.

If the Column color were GREEN, you could consider that it is a good choice.

Here is the screenshot of the tool with this model.


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