Getting Started with the Pros & Cons Analyzer

Pros and Cons analysis can be a very useful tool when you need to do some very quick analysis.

Just listing the Pros and Cons is not enough. You need to set an importance value on each one to do the real analysis. For example, say, you have 2 options when you buy a Phone.

hp 128


1. Good battery life
2. Affordable Price
iphone 128


1. Better Picture Quality
2. Better apps collection in the app store
3. Better Sound quality

Now, how will you decide which phone to choose? iPhone? Why? Just because it has 3 Pros? Of course Not, right?

For you, better apps collection, better picture quality may not be much important as affordable price or good battery life.


You need to measure the importance of each Pro/Con.

In SpiceLogic Pros and Cons Analyzer, we offer 3 ways to measure importance. Direct Importance number, where you can say that I have 10% interest, etc. You can use Money as a measure of Value. Or you can use pairwise comparisons. We have dedicated pages for each procedure. Please visit the dedicated documentation pages to learn more about these procedures.

1. Direct Importance Capture in the range of 1 to 9, using a Slider.
2. Money as a measure of Value
3. Pairwise Comparison.

You can start the application and on the first screen, you can choose the measurement process.

Start_ Screen

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