Version 6.1

Released on Dec 6, 2014, This upgrade is a Follow up upgrade after version 6.0. As we rushed to release version 6.0 in a promised time, we could not get chance to clean up lots of bugs and tune up for performance. So, version 6.1 is the version that achieved the goal. Version 6.1 is 200% faster to load comparing version 6.0, moreover it solved huge number of bugs and added some minor features.
Implemented Features
  • Added replace option in the Search/Find dialog.
  • Search for text within HTML source edit mode
  • The Toolbar Buttons can be Edited Directly from Design Time. No more Run Time code required. So, if you want to change a property of a toolbar button, you can directly select that in Design Time and Change the properties, that change will be persisted in Run Time.
Resolved Bugs
  • Failed code generation for DictionaryFile property when a form with the editor was saved and that project was second or more using the editor and opened using same instance of Visual Studio
  • SpellChecker dialog did not show misspelled word if it is a first word in the editor
  • 'blank' substring was removed from the beginning of urls (hyperlinks and images) on display mode changed
  • GetEmailMessageWithLocalImagesEmbedded method did not add spaces between tags
  • EditorService.ReplaceText did not replace text if replacementText did not have CF_HTML format. Now it inserts replacementText as a text
  • InteractiveSpellChecker showed multiple "Complete" messages if the used switched between WYSIWYG and other display modes
  • Memory leak: InlineSpellChecker and InteractiveSpellChecker were not disposed and not removed by GC
  • InvalidComObjectException happened in SpellChecker when the program was closing and the editor was already disposed
  • Preview Web browser does not accept BodyHtml if the assignment is inside Form's construcor
  • ObjectDisposedException was thrown sometimes when the program is closing
  • When the caret is inside a cell and the cell is selected the FooterTagNavigator gets update to table > tr, but never gets to td when in the version 5, it would do it.
  • Inserting an image inside a table cell breaks the table.
  • Cannot insert row or column because the context menu for table is only enabled when the table is selected. When the cell is in focus, that menu is not available.
  • Caret position is set to zero when htmleditor loses focus.
  • If the user selects a table cell, then creates a new document, then tries to select a cell, it is not selected
  • Exception occurs : ArgumentNullException inside InlineSpellChecker.OnDispose. The exception happens sometimes when the program is closing.
  • Markers appears when user used Undo function after switching display mode to WYSIWYG
  • Pasting Event has empty 'sender' argument
  • After applying Header Title, a Line break gets inserted.
  • When CTRL+F is pressed, the IE Find Dialog appears instead of Editor's own FIND dialog.
  • If the font is changed for a selected text where not all part of the selected text is formatted in the same way, then, after changing the font, all selected text gets formatted to an identical format.
  • Number/Bullet list has bug. If a line is written and the user wants to start list from 2nd line, whole paragraph becomes list.