Version 6.0

Released on Nov 2, 2014, It is a major upgrade with some very important features imeplementation, specially NHunspell Based Spell Checker, extensibility for hooking Custom Spell Checker etc. And some critical bugs are fixed too. For example, the Image and Other elements could not be resized easily, now it is possible to resize images and other elements simply by dragging corners using Mouse. Also another critical issue - 'Double Click wont highlight a word' is fixed too.
Implemented Features
  • When switching from WYSIWYG mode to HTML Source View mode, the selected content in WYSIWYG mode is now selected in HTML Source View TextBox. Same way, when switching from HTML Source View mode to WYSIWYG mode, the selected content in Html Source View Textbox is get selected in WYSIWYG editor. If no content is selected, even then the Caret position is synced between the 2 modes when switching modes.
  • Need option in Spell Checker "Ignore words with numbers".
  • Add an interface for spellchecker NHunspell (
  • Various .NET Framework Version Binaries are needed. For example, dedicated assemblies for .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5.
Resolved Bugs
  • Image, Table etc Resizing does not work by simple dragging corners using Mouse, rather, the user needs to click the image (or table) once to enter the resize mode and then drag the corners to resize.
  • Bullet / Number List does not work properly in EnterKey Response = Paragraph Mode.
  • Cannot cancel the KeyDownEvent (e.Cancel = true;), if pressed ENTER. All other keys seem to work.
  • Heading format working incorrectly, specially for 'No Heading' option.
  • When users double-click on a word, the word does not get selected.
  • Bug : TargetInvocationException, COMException, HRESULT: 0x800A0258
  • Pasting does not work if the content is copied as plain text (i.e. copied from note pad)
  • Cursor moves at the beginning or end of document if BR inserted inside tag with style
  • System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException if BR inserted at the end of TD
  • No focus when font changed