Released on Sep 9, 2014, Various bug fixes and optimizations applied.
Implemented Features
  • Added a new option "ContinueSameStyleAfterEnterKey". If you set this to true, then, if the user have a sentence in a specific style, after hitting the Enter key, the same style will be continued. For example, if the user was typing in a red font color, after hitting the Enter key, the next line will have red font color too.
Resolved Bugs
  • Spell check in table may not detect correct word if the word inside a cell is not between spaces.
  • Table Modify Dialog (from context menu) does not parse the table properties for all possible css scenario. Therefore, if the Table Modify Dialog is invoked from context menu for a Table and changed some table properties and clicked OK, it may override some existing table properties which was not available to change in the Table Modify Dialog.
  • Application crashes when text is highlighted and CSS is clicked on
  • SetCaretByIndex is not working properly.
  • e.PastingHtml = "some text" does not work in Pasting event in the first try, but it works afterwards.
  • The active text in the spell-check dialog is not the same which is automatically selected in the editor.
  • Application Hangs if the user Highlight texts when the text is enclosed by some special html setup.
  • Html File Open function does not read the file in correct encoding based on charset. Therefore, Unknown Characters shown when opening a filtered HTML file saved from MS Word
  • When the sentence has Highlight color formatting, pressing the enter key does not move the cursor to the next line.
  • Pasting event is buggy.
  • Opening an existing HTML file fails for some special encoded file.