Version 5.2.1

Released on Mar 1, 2013, This version is specially a bug fix version after version We fixed some critical bugs on, so, it is strongly recommended to get this version if you previously upgraded to version 5.1. Upgrade is as simple as replacing the old dll with the new dll.
Resolved Bugs
  • Style markup within BodyHTML gets disappeared.
  • DocumentHTML returns many junk style block within the head element. This problem is a new problem in version 5.2.
  • Control overrides charset in meta tags
  • Undo and Redo is not working
  • Issue with new release Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - Error from SpiceLogic.HtmlEditorControl.Algorithms.CaretManipulation.SetCaretByIndex(IHTMLDocument2 msHtmlDoc2, Int32 index, Int32 length)
  • The Editor emits Invalid html for self closing elements. For example, <br /> is coming as <br>
  • The Key_Up event fires 2 times.
  • If an user had misspelling word and switch to another HTML mode and come back to WYSIWYG mode, then, previously not corrected words does not get highlighted in Inline Spell Checking operation.
  • Insert Html Method wont work if an image is selected.