Released on Dec 14, 2010, It is a Minor Update
Implemented Features
  • Need a property named IsModified and IsDirty.
  • Need a property to control the convertion of Absolute Urls to Relative Urls if BaseUrl is provided.
  • An overload is required for Search method to preload a search string.
  • Need a property to control the behaviour of the Tab Key press, either Inserting Tab Space or Move Focus to next control.
  • Needs a property named 'UrlEncodeHyperlinkHrefs' to stop auto Url Encoding Hyperlink Href.
  • Make the Email Sending method Asynchronous with an event that should fire when the process is completed.
  • A new property named 'TabWidth' is required which will let the developer customize the number of spaces to be inserted upon the hit on Tab Key.
Resolved Bugs
  • EntityState.Modified is returning true for the BodyHtml/DocumentHtml when these properties are bound to any Entity Set model.
  • Cannot Insert Tab Character. If an user hit Tab key, it moves the focus to the next control on the form.
  • SendMail() sends NOT the actual content but the old content
  • When selecting text and clicking one of the alignment options, the text is properly aligned but the selection is lost.
  • When font size change method is called, every enter key hit cause a repeatitive call to the font size change method.
  • href is stripped from the html document when BaseUrl is set.
Changed Interfaces
  • Changed the property named ConvertFileUrlToPath to ConvertFileUrlsToLocalPaths