Version 3.7

Released on Mar 8, 2021, Total 5 bugs fixed., Total 2 features implemented., Total 1 interface changed.
Implemented Features
  • Utility Function can be defined from the Wizard when creating a new Objective.
  • Added a dedicated Cost-Effectiveness Analysis module for Healthcare.
Resolved Bugs
  • When a value is infinity in a chart, the other columns are invisible. The whole chart should be invisible in such case.
  • The claculation does not get updated when Decision Criteria is Minimax Regret
  • Categorical Objective with Multi Criteria Custom Expression crashes,
  • [CRASH - System.AggregateException from System.Core] One or more errors occurred.
  • App freezes when Decision Tree PDF or Excel Reporting button is clicked.
Changed Interfaces
  • Now, there is no more separate "Money" type objective. The same number type objective can be treated as Money Type. In that way, the user experience is simplified.