Version 3.4

Released on Feb 1, 2021, Total 4 bugs fixed., Total 7 features implemented.
Implemented Features
  • Added a new tooltip metric "Expected value of the pathway" in Decision Tree nodes.
  • Confusion Matrix (Machine Learning): Now, after a machine learning is performed, the learned model can be tested against a data source. Then Confusion Matrix table and various charts are generated.
  • The app will run as 64bit process on 64bit Windows.
  • The user can set a Bin size for the Histogram generated by Monte Carlo Simulation.
  • Now, the user can define a custom name and unit for the Custom Expression used for multi criteria utility function.
  • In Decision Tree Sensitivity Analysis, the Sensitivity Chart shows intersection lines of competiting actions.
  • A visual indication about Subjective/Numerical/Boolean/Categorical type criterion in the Objective Editor Drop Down.
Resolved Bugs
  • [CRASH - System.ArgumentNullException from System.Core] Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source
  • Copy a Decision Tree Node and Paste on another application instance does not work correctly.
  • Decision Tree terminal node tooltip data does not make sense when no payoff is used.
  • The Expected Value and other metrics were not calculated based on selected Decision Criterion.