Version 3.0

Released on May 26, 2020, Total 4 bugs are resolved. Also, 5 features have been implemented.
Implemented Features
  • Disqualified utility value shows in Red color, satisficing utility value shows in green color.
  • Various User Interface tweaks and improvements.
  • Some more settings available in the Settings window, like Check for update automatically, showing confirmation before delete every time,
  • In the confirmation window that shows up before deleting anything, a checkbox will be there saying "Do not ask again".
  • A new Token-based function editor is provided for editing the Multi-Criteria Utility Function. Now, the user can drag and drop an objective name and form a custom function like sqrt([Profit]) - e^[Cost]. This feature opens a door for performing Monte Carlo Simulation where the Multi-Criteria Custom Expression based utility function can contain Probability Distribution.
Resolved Bugs
  • Chart Data Table (from the context menu of the chart) appears empty for Belief Update History in Bayesian Inference.
  • Decimal numbers are not properly-rounded in reporting, print preview, and print.
  • When the user selects Maximize/Minimize etc from Objective Wizard and proceeds, then if the user wants to come back to the previous page of the wizard, the selection of the dropdown list is not preserved.
  • The application could crash if a dialog box was shown without any caption.
  • Fixed some User Interface issues which were unnoticed before the previous release.