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Implemented Features

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6024817 Oct 2018Simplify the user experience for adding multi-criteria payoff.
6025115 Dec 2018Improve the Reporting feature so that all the details of the Decision Context along with charts, metrics etc are shown in the Report.
6025215 Dec 2018Clarify how to keep the pair comparison as 1:1 and mark as completed.
6025315 Dec 2018Allow deleting the Decision Tree Root node so that the user can see the Start Screen if the Root Node is deleted.
6025417 Dec 2018Associate file extension of ".DecisionTree" to the Decision Tree software so that the user can open the Decision Tree app by either double-clicking or from Shell Context Menu.
6025518 Dec 2018Improve the User Experience of the Risk Profile chart so that, all the PMF, CDF, SF buttons do not show up when the carousel area is small.
6025723 Jan 2019Allow to edit Decision, Chance and Terminal Node text, and display the text on the Diagram.
6025830 Jan 2019Now, using Machine Learning, a Decision Tree can be generated from Data Source like CSV, Excel or SQL Server.
6026918 Feb 2019Show Expected Value, Total Payoff etc metric on Diagram Nodes if the user wants2.0.0.05
6027119 Feb 2019From Decision Tree Diagram context menu, allow the user to copy the diagram to Clipboard, or export to an image file.
6027322 Feb 2019Improved the user interface for Problem Description editor.
6027422 Feb 2019Decision Tree diagram now offers a context menu which can be used to do various useful tasks, like copy image to clipboard, navigate to a view etc.
6027522 Feb 2019A Policy / Rule Set can be viewed for a decision tree2.0.0.05
602828 Mar 2019Selected Terminal Node needs to be visually highlighted, same as other nodes.
6028711 Apr 2019When closing a window, save dialog won't unnecessarily be prompted if nothing changed after last save.
6028811 Apr 2019Improved Policy Sentences of the Decision Tree2.2.0.05
6029011 Apr 2019Optimized Sensitivity Analysis calculation, and better-organized view of Sensitivity information.
603001 May 2019Navigation logic is improved to be more intuitive.
603044 May 2019Improved some performance for speed.
6031226 May 2019If the user does not want to update a specific version from the update notification window, then for the same version, the user will not be notified again, even though the Automatic Update Check is turned on.
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