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Resolved Issues

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3207514 May 2020The application could crash if a dialog box was shown without any caption.
32071028 Feb 2020When an invalid path is used for saving or opening a file, the application may crash.
32070216 Feb 2020Added multi-language support for various languages like German (Deutsche), Korean (한국어), Spanish (Español), French (Française), Italian (Italiana), Japanese (日本語), Norwegian (norsk), Dutch (Nederlands), Polish (Polski)
32069822 Jan 2020Improvements and optimized.
32068124 Nov 2019A calculation bug is fixed.
32068024 Nov 2019A calculation bug is fixed.
3206749 Nov 2019Fixed some crashes1.6.8.05
32066821 Oct 2019The Radar Chart shows the raw value of a criterion instead of utility value, and that causes a problem understanding the proportional value relative to other criteria.
32064528 May 2019PDF / Excel / Print Preview Report shows Scrollbar and clipped legend for Sensitivity Charts.
32063226 May 2019Application crashed when converting a number.
32062622 May 2019The sensitivity popup shows up as half clipped from the right side when invoked from the Sensitivity Analyzer panel.
3206201 May 2019An awkward box was shown behind a busy indicator.
32061111 Apr 2019If the Print Preview menu is clicked, the application crashes.
3206017 Mar 2019Sometimes, the application can crash when viewing charts.
32058915 Feb 2019Difficult to scroll down in Print Preview window because the Window resize-grip show up over the scrollbar.
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