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Implemented Features

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6034228 Mar 2020Added a new event which gets fired when the user clicks the OK button in the Style Builder Dialog.
6024427 Apr 2018Added new API to get and set the ReadOnly Mode of the Editor.
6024017 Mar 2018A new Enum type property named Options.PasteImageFromClipboardBehavior is added. Using that enum property, you can configure to store the pasting image (from clipboard) as Base64 or BaseUrl Folder (if defined). Or you can completely turn off Image pasting from clipboard by setting this property = None.
5023920 Feb 2018Allow a quick and easy way to paste an image from Clipboard as a Base64 string.
402331 Dec 2017Table toolbar button should open 'Table properties' of a selected table2.2.0.05
3022931 Jul 2017Added Editor.ClearUndoStack() method so that the UndoStack can be cleared explicitly by calling this method.
3022814 Jun 2017Expose the Source code of Color Picker Dialog so that the Color Picker Dialog can be customized same like other dialogs.
2022331 Mar 2016Setting SpellCheckOptions.NHunspellDllFolderPath1.6.5.05
2022118 Feb 2016Local image can be inserted as based64 directly from the image insert dialog.
202197 Feb 2016Users can add new fonts and CSS font-family strings into Fonts combo box1.5.2.05
1021611 Jun 2015Added support for .NET 4.0 Client Profile1.0.1.05
102152 Jun 2015Added TemplateApplied event1.0.0.1551
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