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Resolved Issues

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9044827 Nov 2015the editor did not work inside not active TabControl1.4.8.051
9044928 Nov 2015the properties of editor could not be set inside DataTemplate in Window.Resources1.4.8.051
904502 Dec 2015the footer could not be hidden completely (small gray area was visible)
904513 Dec 2015the WYSIWYG editor loosed focus when users pressed Up or Down arrow buttons on first and last rows1.4.8.051
1104535 Jan 2016Context menu did not work1.4.18.05
9045312 Dec 2015the editor could reset DOCTYPE when DoctypeOverrideOptions=DoNotOverride1.4.12.05
10045316 Dec 2015Some properties of the editor could not be set from XAML (e.g. DefaultFontFamily)
9044718 Nov 2015BodyHTML is lost when wpfEditor is on a tab control and tabs are changed1.4.1.051
9044511 Nov 2015BodyHtml property was empty in EditorModeChanged event for Preview mode1.4.0.051
9044612 Nov 2015Fixed memory leak1.4.0.051
804435 Nov 2015HTML properties could not be changed for WYSIWYG editor from Window constructor1.3.2.051
904448 Nov 2015feature DOCTYPEOverrideOptions did not set correct DOCTYPE for WYSIWYG and Preview modes sometimes1.3.2.05
804422 Nov 2015bindings could make WYSIWYG editor read only1.3.0.051
8044027 Oct 2015Tables could lose style attribute, images could lose css class after closing ImageDialog1.2.9.051
8043919 Oct 2015context menu of the WYSIWYG editor did not work until users switch display mode1.2.7.051
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