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Resolved Issues

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16050029 Jun 2016PasteFromWord feature did not fire Pasting event1.6.20.05
1104724 Mar 2016PasteFromWord feature could break mailto hyperlinks1.6.2.051
1104755 Mar 2016InsertHyperlink dialog could not create a hyperlink for an image1.6.2.051
16049520 May 2016applying a list could give NullReferenceException sometimes1.6.12.05
16049721 May 2016UNC paths could be broken if they started with BaseUrl and did not use IP addresses1.6.12.05
1604924 May 2016the setting NHunspellDllFolderPath could not be set for multiple instances of the editor (an exception happened)
16049021 Apr 2016SpellCheckOptions.NHunspellDllFolderPath property did not work when the dictionary paths were set (using SpellCheckOptions.DictionaryFile property)
1104633 Feb 2016exception happened when users changed the alignment of text for table rows, row or cell1.6.0.05
11046614 Feb 2016alignment logic did not work, when only some table cells (not entire table) were selected1.6.0.05
11047024 Feb 2016API method GetEmailMessageWithLocalImagesEmbedded() does not insert base64 encoded images1.6.0.05
11047124 Feb 2016WYSIWYG editor allowed to edit the content despite IsEnabled property was set to False in XAML1.6.0.051
11045420 Jan 2016the editor could stuck when users switched modes (seldom)
11045626 Jan 2016fixed ~250 warning1.5.0.051
11045827 Jan 2016the editor did not show correct font family, if IE had changed default font1.5.0.051
11046028 Jan 2016layout of SpellCheckerDialog was not optimized for long text, SpellCheckerDialog did not scroll to a next found misspelled word1.5.0.051
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