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Resolved Issues

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20053411 May 2017 ImageDialog did not work for domain-relative URLs2.1.0.051
2105378 Jul 2017buttons having IsDefault=True could steal Enter key when the caret was inside UL elements2.1.0.051
22053924 Jul 2017Spell checker dialog could show HTML comments2.1.0.05
20053318 Apr 2017SpellChecker dialog could show body style elements2.0.5.05
2005145 Feb 2017BaseUrl property could return old base URLs2.0.0.05
20051516 Feb 2017 the editor did not show actual font size sometimes2.0.0.051
2005178 Mar 2017some controls on 'Document Style'->LISTS tab did not work. Removed those unnecessary styles from the Style Editor.
20052112 Mar 2017When an editor instance is placed on a Window such a way that some of the editor's toolbar buttons are collapsed, then it becomes difficult to resize the window.
20052212 Mar 2017The editor did not uncheck the buttons for ordered and unorder lists when users switched list type with empty selection2.0.0.05
20052421 Mar 20171. The editor did not become enabled when a parent control became enabled2.0.0.05
20052523 Mar 2017Domain-relative URLs are not accepted by the editor2.0.0.051
16050129 Jun 2016Paste action could cause System.OutOfMemoryException2.0.0.051
2005129 Jan 2017an exception could happen when users changed font styles1.8.5.05
2005112 Jan 2017A license related error dialogs shows up in the previous version.
19051226 Dec 2016 Text in a table row could not be aligned with a single alignment action.
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