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Resolved Issues

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7040921 Aug 2015Ctrl+Click does not open hyperlinks in WYSIWYG mode1.7.0.05
7040512 Aug 2015'Paste' toolbar button does not work in HTML Source mode1.2.0.05
603995 Aug 2015YouTube dialog did not respect (did not keep) protocol (http/https)
603975 Aug 2015'Apply list' function gave unexpected '~' character, if there was selected list with a line break at the end of it1.2.0.05
503962 Aug 2015ApplyList function did not keep line brakes between lines1.2.0.05
4037920 May 2015Context menu of InlineSpellChecker could not be shown sometimes (and it always was shown after regular context menu)
4037719 May 2015Junk HTML in InnerHTML field of HyperlinkDialog1.0.0.110
5038328 May 2015Property window of Visual Studio does not show changes of dictionary paths that were set for clear DictionaryFile property
5038228 May 2015Design time OpenFileDialog for affix file did not allow to select *.aff files1.0.0.85
8041530 Aug 2015'ApplyList' feature does not keep line breaks between rows, if not whole HTML body is selected1.2.0.05
804236 Sep 2015The editor has 'Copy' button enabled even when no text selected1.2.0.05
804246 Sep 2015'ApplyList' function uses wrong line (next line instead of current line) when cursor is at the start of line1.2.0.05
804256 Sep 2015Changing of list type gives unexpected symbol '~', if changing is called for two adjacent lists1.2.0.05
804266 Sep 2015The editor adds empty list items before and after, if ApplyList feature is called for blockquote1.2.0.05
804276 Sep 2015Selecting Heading Type from Heading drop-down does not take effect1.2.0.05
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