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Resolved Issues

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32062723 May 2019Fixed issues on changing font styles.To-Release5
32062923 May 2019Font Size Changes when you press enterTo-Release5
32063125 May 2019pre element does not linebreakTo-Release51
32060830 Mar 2019Font change causes text deleted2.6.20.05
3205966 Mar 2019Font Size Changes when you press enter2.6.19.051
3205976 Mar 2019In the beginning, when changing font and size a "spaces" is added to the text.
32058118 Nov 2018Font color and other properties changes take very long time.
32056721 Aug 2018Text is removed when font is changed2.6.16.051
32057021 Aug 2018Resizing images with the mouse (in WYSIWYG-Editor) does not update existing width and height-attributes. Instead, it inserts new ones.
32057210 Oct 2018Setting the DefaultFontFamily property in Loaded event handler may make the editor uneditable, when there are multiple editor instances.
32056420 Jul 2018Pasting HTML from Edge (and probably Internet Explorer) hang2.6.11.051
32056226 Apr 2018Pasting some word content start endless loop2.6.1.051
32055916 Mar 2018Binding attribute UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged not working anymore2.6.0.052
31055920 Feb 2018When Relative Path is used, the Image dialog does not check the Relative Path radio button for the selected image.
32055523 Feb 2018NHunspell Spell Checker could add 2 same words with the different case in the user dictionary.
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