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28 February 20192.0.0.0Major UpdateTotal 5 bugs are resolved. Also, 9 features have been implemented.
Implemented Features
  • 60259 : Improve the Reporting feature so that all the details of the Decision Context along with charts, metrics etc are shown in the Report.
  • 60260 : Allow to edit Decision, Chance and Terminal Node text, and display the text on the Diagram.
  • 60261 : Improve the User Experience of the Risk Profile chart so that, all the PMF, CDF, SF buttons do not show up when the carousel area is small.
  • 60262 : Allow deleting the Decision Tree Root node so that the user can see the Start Screen if the Root Node is deleted.
  • 60263 : Clarify how to keep the pair-comparison as 1:1 and mark as completed.
  • 60270 : In Decision Tree, show Expected Value, Total Payoff etc metric on Diagram Nodes if the user wants
  • 60272 : From Decision Tree Diagram context menu, allow the user to copy the diagram to Clipboard, or export to an image file.
  • 60277 : Decision Tree diagram now offers a context menu which can be used to do various useful tasks, like copy image to clipboard, navigate to a view etc.
  • 60278 : A Policy / Rule Set can be viewed for a decision tree
Resolved Bugs
  • 320585 : Consistency ratio is not shown correctly after loading a project file.
  • 320586 : Difficult to scroll down in Print Preview window because the Window resize-grip show up over the scrollbar.
  • 320587 : When the user closes a project and add some Objectives and click the "Work on Decision Tree" button, the Decision Tree diagram is created where the Root Node is a Decision Node. The user expects to see the Root Node selection start screen in that case.
  • 320591 : Application crashes if a Decision Tree Node is copied/pasted from a different instance of the application.
  • 320593 : If multiple enums have the same title, then the application crashes while doing sensitivity analysis.
17 October 20181.2.0.0Major Update Total 2 bugs are resolved. Also, 1 feature has been implemented.
12 September 20181.1.0.0Minor UpdateFixed lots of bugs and improved the user experience.
11 August 20181.0.0.0New ReleaseThis is the new release
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