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6032316 Feb 2020Added multi-language support for various languages like German (Deutsche), Korean (한국어), Spanish (Español), French (Française), Italian (Italiana), Japanese (日本語), Norwegian (norsk), Dutch (Nederlands), Polish (Polski)
6032716 Feb 2020Improved navigation from Options page to Objectives page in Decision Matrix.
6032816 Feb 2020Added more tooltip on the Objective selection drop-down so that the user can understand which type of objective will create what type of user interface in the Options section in Decision Matrix / Decision Tree.
6032916 Feb 2020A new button "Add more objectives" is available in the Objectives summary page in the objective creation wizard. Say, the user just completed entering all the objectives and entered to the pairwise comparison, and realized that a new objective needs to be added. Now, with that button, it will be easy to do so.
6033920 Feb 2020The Diagram Zoom, node spacing, node width, etc information will be saved in the project file so that when restored a project, the diagram will look the same as how it was saved.
603412 Mar 2020Associate file extension with the software so that, a decision tree, decision matrix, Markov process, etc. file can be opened by double-clicking from windows explorer.
6032019 Oct 2019Improved the user interface of the Objective Capture window.
6031126 May 2019If the user does not want to update a specific version from the update notification window, then for the same version, the user will not be notified again, even though the Automatic Update Check is turned on.
6029211 Apr 2019Improved Policy Sentences of the Decision Tree2.2.0.05
6027622 Feb 2019Improved the user interface for Problem Description editor.
603034 May 2019Improved some performance for speed.
602991 May 2019Navigation logic is improved to be more intuitive.
6029813 Apr 2019Right click on a Decision Analysis file, and Windows Shell Context menu shows Open With Rational Will2.1.0.05
602643 Feb 2019Now, using Machine Learning, a Decision Tree can be generated from Data Source like CSV, Excel or SQL Server.
6029111 Apr 2019Optimized Sensitivity Analysis calculation, and better-organized view of Sensitivity information.
6028611 Apr 2019When closing a window, save dialog won't unnecessarily be prompted if nothing changed after last save.
602838 Mar 2019Decision Tree Selected Terminal Node needs to be visually highlighted, same as other nodes.
6027219 Feb 2019From Decision Tree Diagram context menu, allow the user to copy the diagram to Clipboard, or export to an image file.
6027018 Feb 2019In Decision Tree, show Expected Value, Total Payoff etc metric on Diagram Nodes if the user wants2.0.0.05
6027822 Feb 2019A Policy / Rule Set can be viewed for a decision tree2.0.0.05
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