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Resolved Issues

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3206462 Jun 2019In Decision Tree Machine Learning. clicking the REBUILD button crashes.
32063326 May 2019Application crashed when converting a number.
32063526 May 2019Decision Tree Crashed when entering Range info in Number type objective.
32063826 May 2019Application crashed when a chance node was converted to a Decision node in a Decision Tree.
32064226 May 2019In the Markov Decision Process, the application crashed with the message "The Initial States must not be null at any case."
32064328 May 2019PDF / Excel / Print Preview Report shows Scrollbar and clipped legend for Sensitivity Charts.
32062422 May 2019The sensitivity popup shows up as half clipped from the right side when invoked from the Sensitivity Analyzer panel.
3206235 May 2019Pros and Cons saved project cannot be opened from the Rational Will Dashboard's Application Menu.
3206212 May 2019"Learned Rule Set" was not printed in the report and Print Preview, when Machine Learning is used.
3206191 May 2019An awkward box was shown behind a busy indicator.
32061829 Apr 2019Application crashes if the utility function is used with a custom expression where multiple conditions meet the same input value.
32060911 Apr 2019If the Print Preview menu is clicked, the application crashes.
32060728 Mar 2019The application can crash sometimes when expanding the result view.
3206007 Mar 2019Application crashes with 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'
32059318 Feb 2019If multiple enums have the same title, then the application crashes while doing sensitivity analysis.
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