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Resolved Issues

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32070316 Feb 2020Decision Tree Diagram Overview state (Zoom, node width, node spacing, etc.) is not restored after saving a project.
32070528 Feb 2020When the Objective value range is changed, which conflicts with the parameters of a used Probability Distribution, the application crashes.
32070828 Feb 2020When an invalid path is used for saving or opening a file, the application may crash.
3207142 Mar 2020When opening the Categorical Objective editor, the application may crash.
32069622 Jan 2020Improvements and optimized.
32068828 Nov 2019Fixed Certainty Equivalent Calculation Logic
32068626 Nov 2019When multiple objectives are Number/Money type, if no units are defined for those objectives, the program considers them as same thing, and that can cause wrong assumption.
32068325 Nov 2019Utility Value Calculation is Wrong when Negative Number Utility Allowed.
32067924 Nov 2019Utility function calculation is wrong when "Minimize" criteria is used.
3206729 Nov 2019Fixed some crashes2.3.8.05
32066721 Oct 2019The Radar Chart shows the raw value of a criterion instead of utility value, and that causes a problem understanding the proportional value relative to other criteria.
32066222 Sep 2019The app crashes when calculating Stochastic Dominance2.3.4.05
32064910 Jul 2019The application crashed when a long number is used as the title of a Decision Tree Node.
32065110 Jul 2019Decision Tree Copy Replace node feature - copied node is not replacing node in the same order.
32065310 Jul 2019Fixed a bug on converting a Decision Tree node to a decision or chance node from the context menu.
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