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Made for solving your 'everyday' problems.

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Get rid of your dilemma using this simple and quick analysis tool.

You may have a problem like 'Should I do it?' or 'Should I go there ?', 'Should I accept the proposal'? etc. Quickly fire up this tool and weight up against your pros and cons, get the answer from your mind. The Column Chart shows how good or how bad a choice is. A Red color indicates not to do the action. Green color recommends the action.

Visual_ Indication_of_ Recommendation

Prioritize and quantify your Pros and Cons by Pairwise Comparison

Using the same algorithms used by the Analytic Hierarchy Process, a Pairwise comparison can be used to prioritize and quantify your pros and cons.


Get a feedback on how consistent you are.

When using a Pairwise comparison, the tool will show you the "Consistency Ratio" metric, that indicates how consistent you are in your judgments, in a set of pairwise comparison.

Save yourself from doing misjudgment.

It is very important to be consistent when doing a pairwise comparison. You can let the tool enforce the Transitivity Rule so that your pair comparisons will be 100% consistent.

Capture Uncertainty along with Importance

Not all Pro and Con are supposed to be 100% certain. For instance, consider the following Pros/Cons list of an Option: "Renting an Apartment"

Capture_ Uncertainty

Notice that, a Con 'Could be forced to move if the owner sells the apartment' is not necessarily happens all the time. It is just uncertain. And the probability of happening that event is really low, like 25%. So, considering this probability along with the importance of weight really matters in a good decision.

See the complete picture of Uncertain possibilities.

Once the probability of uncertainty is captured, the Analyzer can calculate Risk Profile and display that along with Expected Values. Time to time, It can be interesting to see a Risk Profile of an option with uncertainty.

Risk_ Profile

Cumulative distribution function and Survival Function view

When uncertainty is incorporated in a decision model, in addition to the risk profile, the tool can display Cumulative distribution function and Survival function as well.

Get the guidance from its intelligent Heuristic Analysis

You know what? Many times, Pros and Cons analysis are done in a wrong way. For instance, you may think of a Con just because that is not a Pro. A mistake like this can be easily detected by the Heuristic Analysis. Also, the heuristic analysis can detect if you have multiple sentences with the same idea in your pros and cons. You could add more than one Pros in an option that means the same thing. For instance, "The car has GPS", "There is a GPS in the car". The heuristic analysis will detect those mistakes and let you fix it in a single click.

Heuristic_ Analysis


Use Money as a value measure

We have lifelong experience with money. When it becomes difficult to judge the importance of a pro or con, we can use 'money' as a value measure. When assigning a price for a Pro, you can ask yourself a question 'How much money you would like to spend in order to get just this Pro if this pro were not available for the option'. When assigning a price to a Con, you can ask yourself a question 'If possible, how much money you will spend to get rid of this con'. Once you determine that price amount, you can assign that amount as a weight for the target pro/con.

Using_ Money_as_a_ Value_ Measure

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Microsoft .NET Framework

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