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7123 Aug 2010Implement efficient Licensing Scheme. Ok, now, we provide Trial version separate from full unlocked version, so there is no license checking algorithm inside the full unlocked version, thus you can gain more stability, performance and adaptability.
2412 Apr 2010The Font Color Change / Highlight Color Change dialog needs to be selected with the present color value of the font / highlight.
10226 Nov 2010A new property named 'TabWidth' is required which will let the developer customize the number of spaces to be inserted upon the hit on Tab Key.
8217 Dec 2009Need a property named IsModified and IsDirty.
8916 Sep 2010Need a property to control the convertion of Absolute Urls to Relative Urls if BaseUrl is provided.
9015 Sep 2010An overload is required for Search method to preload a search string.
9122 Sep 2010Need a property to control the behaviour of the Tab Key press, either Inserting Tab Space or Move Focus to next control.
9328 Sep 2010Needs a property named 'UrlEncodeHyperlinkHrefs' to stop auto Url Encoding Hyperlink Href.
9411 Oct 2010Make the Email Sending method Asynchronous with an event that should fire when the process is completed.
2524 Jul 2010An event is required to fire when an HTML element is clicked inside the editor. The event argument object should contain all the data related to the event and the clicked Html Element.
2211 Apr 2010Clean tag generation for font.
2311 Apr 2010InsertHtml needs a new parameter of bool type to keep the inserted html highlighted.
213 Apr 2010Default Font name, font size and fore color getter/setter property required.
188 Mar 2010Added 3 more methods, ShowCaret, ScrollToCaretView(), HideCaret()
208 Mar 2010Provided a mechanism to override the default Click Event handler of the Factory item.
1610 Jan 2010Added Email Sending Functionality with the Local Image Embedding Features for Email Message4.0.1.05
1710 Jan 2010Added Image Embedding as Base 644.0.1.05
159 Nov 2009Hyperlink Click Support within the Editor.
23 Oct 2009Integrate a fully customizable Spell Checker that supports user defined dictionary (NetSpell)
33 Oct 2009Design Time GUI Collection editor support for factory toolstrip items.
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