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4315 Mar 2010Implement feature so that the editor can upload Local path images and local relative images to a server using FTP.
456 Sep 2009Need a design time table border guideline when border =
466 Mar 2010Need a method SetCaretPositionByIndex(int Index) as oppsite to GetCaretIndexInText(As Integer)
476 Mar 2010Need a way to set caret index directly to end of body text, just after the last character, such as... SetCaretIndexInTextEnd() As Integer5.0.0.05
486 Mar 2010Need a method DeleteText(StartIndex As Integer, Length As Integer)
496 Mar 2010Need a method ReplaceText(ReplacementText As String, StartIndex As Integer, Length As Integer)
504 Feb 2010Header Title Insert API got more methods : Formatting API got method : RemoveHeaderTitle(), also StateQuery API now contains : IsActiveElementHeaderTitle(), GetActiveHeaderTitleNumber()
512 Feb 2010Configure Edit Source Mode either for DocumentHtml or BodyHtml5.0.0.05
5214 Jul 2009Ability to provide custom dialogs or change existing dialogs.
5321 Mar 2009Need a Hide Selection Property like Standard TextBox.
5621 Mar 2009A property for getting and setting the external css file path for the document : public string DocumentCSSFilePath { get; set; }
5716 Apr 2009A new method named FormatResetSelected() required/
6123 Aug 2010Context Menu is enhanced with Table Manipulation facilities like, Add New Row, Add New Column, Delete Row, Delete Column etc.
6323 Aug 2010Needs to be able to localize the control : Now, all toolbar item's all properties can be accessed publicly so the developer can set any text for any property they want. Dialogues can be redesigned with different language too.
6423 Aug 2010Needs the Font Size in 'pt' unit same like MS Outlook.
6523 Aug 2010Needs 3 Tabbed view for the editor, WYSIWYG View, HTML Source Edit View and ReadOnly Preview view.
6623 Aug 2010Add Glymphs selector for all active tags at the footer of the editor so that when an element is selected, all of it's parent tags hierarchy is shown ins the footer with selection facility.
6724 Apr 2010Inline spell checker. Now, besides the standard spell checking dialogue, the developer should be able to enable inline spell checking by specifying some CSS according to developer's choice.
6823 Aug 2010Image dialog contains 'keep aspect ratio' feature for height/width change. Morever, when a local image is selected, it's height and width are auto captured and shown in the dialogue even if the height/width is not mentioned in the html.
7023 Aug 2010All dialogues needs to be re designable and overridable. YES, now it is possible, all source codes for the dialogues are open now.
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