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16520 Nov 2012Now, if the active html element is a Header Title (h1, h2 etc), then the Header Title Insert Combo box will preselect the appropriate index.
1698 Jan 2013Enhanced Table API with more methods like, InsertRow(Before/After), InsertColumn(Before/After), MergeSelectedCells(). Now, the Context menu contains more menu items for these new features (i.e. Merge Cells, ...etc)
14810 Jul 2012An event added for FTPUpload_Completed.
14910 Jul 2012Added Method "SetBodyText(string text)"
7723 Aug 2010New Toolbar button for YouTube Video Insert.
7823 Aug 2010New Toolbar button for Symbol Insert.
9915 Oct 2010Paste from MS Word5.0.0.05
10729 Dec 2010New API added for manipulating table like InsertRow(), InsertColumn(), DeleteRow, DeleteColumn etc.
12431 Jan 2011Allow keyboard short-cuts to be overridden5.0.0.05
1337 Jun 2012Toolbar item's click event handler needs to be overridable so that own logic for any specific button's click event can be used.
1347 Jun 2012Needs event for scenario when an HTML Element inside the editor (for example, hyperlink or image) is clicked.
1357 Jun 2012New Toolbar button for Search5.0.0.05
1367 Jun 2012Implemented various Caret positioning and Selection related API for better programming.
13716 Jun 2012A Good and Efficient Event has been implemented named "Pasting". You can handle this event and capture the nice filtered pasting html, modify the html and set any html you want to the Pasting Event Arg which will be pasted. You can also cancel the event.
14216 Jun 2012Show Html Tag Navigator or DOM Tree with selector in the footer of the editor. Any time the selection is changed, the full path of the active html will be shown as a tree path where any branch can be selected.
14317 Jun 2012Table Properties Dialog is now possible to invoke from context menu if the cursor is in a table cell but the whole table is not selected. Before, the user needed to activate/select the whole table in order to invoke the table properties dialog.
14417 Jun 2012Added nice stock icons for the default context menu.
14520 Jun 2012various content programming methods added like : GetAttributeValueOfAnElement, ElementExists , GetOuterHtmlOfAnElement, GetInnerHtmlOfAnElement, UpdateInnerHtmlOfAnElement, SetAttributeValueOfAnElement etc.
14621 Jun 2012The control can use default dictionary en-US.dic from it's embedded resource if no dictionary file is defined. So, the developer wont need to worry about setting spell checking dictionary file for start up.
14729 Jun 2012Added a method that can return .NET Mail Message object by embedding all local images and that works for any email client. So, this new version does not depend on DotNetOpenMail anymore, rather it uses native .NET MailMessage object.
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